August/September 2021 Staff Picks

Sep 7, 2021 | News, Staff Picks


This Little Light by Lori Lansens
This captivating story takes place in the near future, over 48 hours. Timely book touching upon abortion, social media, and women’s rights in this coming of age YA thriller.


Fighting Words by Kimberly Bradley

I’m so glad this book was written for many reasons. It’s a very tough topic but handled in a delicate way. I had to be brave to check it out and wondering who else will too.


Of a Feather  by Dayna Lorentz 

This is a children’s chapter book about a young girl whose family is going through a very difficult time. She goes to live with an aunt who is a falconer and together they find themselves caring for a young owl who is also going through a very difficult time. It hit close to home because the Center For Wildlife recently released a baby owl in my backyard. He had been found on the ground nearby and we knew the parents were still around. We have had so much fun watching the owl family reunite and the parents resume caring for their baby – and we discovered he has a sibling! It’s a fun book and would be a good read-aloud for families.



The Silver Witch by Paula Brackston  

This is part of a series of books based on Welsh myths.


No, that’s not her real name. This was unlike any memoir I have ever read, so I can’t say “if you liked _____, you’ll love this. You know the story is real because – trust me when I say this – you cannot make this stuff up. I’ll be shocked if [fill in the studio] doesn’t turn this memoir into a series or film. Diamond’s book truly is a ‘diamond’ in that it’s thematically multifaceted. Questions of trust; identities lost and found; coming of age; interpersonal family dynamics; loss and redemption. You won’t read another memoir quite like this one. Utterly fascinating.


Tune it Out by Jamie Sumner
A touching story about a twelve-year-old girl named Lou Montgomery who doesn’t like loud noises, crowds or the sensation of being touched. She has the singing voice of an angel (according to her mother), and her mother is determined that Lou will be a superstar. When a crisis drastically changes Lou’s world, she gets the opportunity to explore her hopes and dreams on her terms.