Books on Call

Book delivery to housebound residents of the Yorks and Cape Neddick. 

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Books on Call

With the help of Altrusa of the Seacoast, York Public Library offers monthly book delivery to housebound residents of the Yorks and Cape Neddick who are unable to access the library due to ongoing transportation and mobility issues.
What is Books on Call?

The goal of this program is to allow all residents of York the opportunity to borrow library materials without leaving home.

Who is eligible?

Books on Call service will be provided to residents of the Yorks and Cape Neddick, ME who are generally confined to the residence either temporarily, due to illness, accident, pregnancy, or access, or permanently, due to age, disability, or other mobility or transportation problems.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the application and return it to the library. Each homebound patron must register for a library card if s/he does not already have one—call the library at 207-363-2818 for more information.

How do I get my books?

York Public Library will fill canvas bags for delivery. Altrusa volunteers will deliver them at an assigned time and day each month. At the time materials are delivered, the items from the previous delivery will be retrieved and returned to the library.

How do I choose my books?

You can indicate your preferences on the application form and staff will select books for you, or you may request online, contact the library, or make a note in the previous month’s delivery.

Delivery Guidelines

York Public Library is committed to ensuring that all delivery recipients be treated with dignity, respect, and impartiality. In addition, we are committed to ensuring that all staff and volunteers are treated with dignity and respect and are safe when serving the public.

  • Patrons must be punctual at delivery time. We reserve the right to leave after waiting for five minutes for any individual patron to answer the door so as not to make others wait longer for their deliveries.
  • All patrons must speak courteously to staff and volunteers at all times.
  • Proper attire is required at delivery time.
  • Patrons must protect all library materials, including delivery bags, while in their custody. If any library material is defaced, mutilated, or damaged while in custody of the homebound patron, it will be charged to their account and delivery will be suspended until payment is made.

In case of inclement weather, delivery will be rescheduled for the following week at the same time. Deliveries will not take place on days school is cancelled. We will call in the case of any other scheduling concerns.

Loan Rules

  • Up to ten items may be borrowed at a time. All items will have a one month loan period with one renewal available upon request.
  • All formats of materials are eligible for homebound delivery, but items in high demand may be excluded. Library staff reserve the right to limit items as necessary.
  • Each delivery will be limited to one delivery bag.

For more information, please contact the library at or call 207-363-2818.