Technology Services

The York Public Library offers a wide variety of services beyond borrowing books and materials. The following are some of the technology resources available for the general public to use.

Public Computers & Internet Access

The main floor of the library features 9 public desktop computers. These computers have secure internet access and full access to Microsoft Office applications.

The library also offers public wireless internet. Wireless internet access is free to use and is even available outside in our parking lot for you to use if the library is closed. There is no password. Simply select “York Public Library” from the wireless options, accept our terms of use, and you’re online. Happy browsing. Please remember this is an unsecure, public access, wireless channel.

AWE Computer Game Stations

The Children’s Room is home to two early literacy AWE computer stations. Games are educational in nature and feature age-appropriate content for developing young minds.

Digitization Equipment

The library hosts an array of equipment to digitize your photos. This includes scanners for journals or oversized documents,  photos, and film negatives and slides. We also have access to tools to digitize VHS tapes, create oral histories, and digitize old DVDs.  See the Reference and Technology librarian for assistance. 


The library has two black and white photocopiers. One is located on the main floor of the library and the second is located on the lower level, outside of the Community Room. Photocopies cost $.10 per page. 


The library has a color printer that prints from our computers as well as mobile devices and laptops.  Prints cost $0.20 a page. 


A flatbed scanner is available at the circulation desk and can be used to create images of documents and photographs.  Those images can be saved, edited, printed, and e-mailed. Ask a librarian if you would like to use the scanner.

We also have a networked feed scanner that can quickly scan single or double sided documents or photos. This item is available on each public computer and can also be installed directly to your laptop. See a librarian for assistance. 

External DVD/CD Drive

Our public computers do not feature a DVD/CD drive, but fear not, the library possesses an external DVD/CD drive for patrons to use. The DVD/CD drive is available at the circulation desk and can be used to view content.  

Audiovisual Equipment

The Community Room at the library features a full array of audiovisual equipment that is available to use for presentations within the library. If you have a meeting or presentation at the library in the Community Room and would like to use our audiovisual technology, please make an appointment with a librarian to review how to properly use the equipment prior to your presentation. 

Electronic Magnifier for the Visually Impaired

The main floor of the library features a DaVinci magnifier for the visually impared. Please ask a librarian for help if you have not used the device before and would like a brief tutorial.

Technology Help and Instruction

Appointments are available for one-on-one tech help with our Reference and Technology Librarian. To book an appointment, e-mail Devin at

If you need assistance with any of library technology we are here to help!


“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”

– Douglas Adams