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 Secondhand books can support York Public Library! 


Book Donation Guidelines

Last Update: Dec 21, 2023 @ 1:38 pm

We are currently accepting book donations! Books may be taken to the Book Nook during our normal business hours. Items will be screened by Library Book Nook volunteers to ensure they fit within our guidelines (listed below).

If you have questions about certain items which do not easily fit into the rules listed below, please contact to get in touch with someone who can give you more detailed information.


The Library can accept books and media in good condition. All donations are checked over by Library volunteers. Acceptable materials that are not needed in the Library’s lending collection will be sold in our Book Nook or Annual Book Sale. Please review the guidelines below before donating. Anything that doesn’t meet the above guidelines will be returned to the person donating the items. There are other ways you can donate and help the library. Learn more.

The Library will accept:

  • Hardcover & paperback novels (2015 – present)
  • Non-fiction on all topics: (2018 – present) 
  • Children’s books (2015 – present)
  • Classics in excellent condition
  • Rare and / or unusual books in good condition

The Library will NOT accept:

  • VHS movies or audio books on tape
  • Textbooks or computer manuals
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • Books that have been written in or marked with highlighter
  • Magazines
  • Harlequin Romances
  • Anything damaged, discolored, or with a “basement” odor
  • Old encyclopedias or dated reference books
  • Out of date travel books