Coming Soon… Mondays!

Dec 20, 2021 | News, Shelf Life

For many, Mondays are a source of dread: the weekend is over, there’s rush hour traffic to deal with, you have an all-around feeling of malaise, and you can’t get to the Library to pick up a movie or a book. Or three. 

Monday hours at the Library had never been an option – until voters approved it, that is, in the spring of 2020. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, along came COVID and with it, shut-downs, quarantines, and limited services, followed by the retirement of three long-standing staff members. 

Mondays aren’t all bad though. Someone once said, “Candy is the world’s way of making up for Mondays.” Assuming they were not thinking about (insert yucky candy here), York Public Library has a surprise just as good as (York!) peppermint patties. 

You may have noticed some new faces in the Library. In anticipation of adding another day of Library services, we have replaced those who have retired (not that we can ever really replace them). We have added part-time staff.  We have placed a lot of ducks in several orderly rows.

Turning the page to a new year and a fresh start: beginning January 3, your Library will be open on Mondays for the first time in its history. Power readers rejoice: this also means an additional day of interlibrary loan delivery.  Translation: a quicker turnaround for items being shared throughout the consortium (including your requests!). 

We are so happy to expand our services to 6 days a week and look forward to welcoming you on Monday, January 3, at 10AM.

From all of us at York Public Library, Happy Holidays, York!  Now, go treat yourself to some candy!

By Michelle Sampson, Executive Director, and Sophie Smith, Assistant Director


This article was originally published in the Library’s weekly “Shelf Life” column, which is featured in The York Weekly and