November 2021 Staff Picks

Nov 1, 2021 | News, Staff Picks

We are all thankful for good reads at the York Public Library! Check out some of our staff’s favorites below. 


A historical fiction novel about the colonization of Australia told from the perspectives of three women. Heart-wrenching at times, it also paints a picture of hope and resilience.


The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen

This is the book I gift to families … and holidays are approaching fast. It takes place off the coast of Maine, and is based loosely on a true story. 


Gluten Exposed: the science behind the hype by Peter H. R. Green, MD and Rory Jones, MS 

I have so many friends who are going gluten-free that I wanted to understand the science behind it. Turns out that if more people understood the science behind it fewer people might be trying such a restrictive diet. It’s an interesting and informative book if you are considering a gluten-free diet, but I’m looking forward to reading something a little more fun next time!


Baked to Perfection by Katarina Cermelj

This cookbook is a different approach to gluten free, due to the author being a chemist.  I found the bread recipes interesting.  Her replacement for gluten is psyllium husk. so I found some at Kennebunk New Morning, or Wholefoods.  Let’s face it, gluten free is challenging but worth it.


Mouse and Frog by Deborah Freedman

Mouse and frog are writing a story, but their ideas are so different! Will they find a way to compromise? A fantastically funny picture book that shows kids (and adults) the importance of sharing ideas and listening to others.


Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

Light skinned black Identical twin sisters leave home at 16 and embark on two different paths.


The Bennet Women by Eden Appiah-Kubi