October 2023 Staff Picks

Oct 18, 2023 | Book Lists, News, Staff Picks

Halloween is nearly upon us! We’ve got some great picks for those that live for the season, and some for those who need a spooky break!


Nuts to You by Lynne Rae Perkins

Kids who are going crazy for The Wild Robot by Peter Brown will like this one.



The Coworker by Freida McFadden

I highly recommend anything by Freida McFadden for spooky psychological thrillers that I find difficult to put down! I just finished Never Lie, The Housemaid, and The Housemaid’s Secret.  



Snow Pony and the Seven Miniature Ponies  by Christian Trimmer

I have always loved fairy tales and fairy tale retellings. It’s one of my core personality traits. While on the hunt for a completely different book for a patron, I stumbled upon “Snow Pony and the Seven Miniature Ponies” by Christian Trimmer, illustrated by Jessie Sima (who is a master at drawing silly horses). Snow Pony has “a coat as white as snow and a mane as black as ebony” and she was somehow also “exceptionally good at braiding hair” even though she doesn’t have fingers. All the children in the land come to see her and they all have fabulous hair when they leave. Snow Pony is, of course, tricked into getting lost in the woods by a nefarious rival, and she finds a cozy stable belonging to seven miniature ponies. Incidentally, I had a horse when I was young and he was absolutely terrified of miniature ponies. But Snow Pony is very brave and very kind and the story goes about how you would expect, just with a lot of silly new details and the pleasing omission of a handsome prince.
And don’t worry, no one is turned into glue.

In honor of Banned Book Week

Suggested Reading by Dave Connis

Clara Evans is horrified when she discovers her principal’s “prohibited media” hit list. The iconic books on the list have been pulled from the library and aren’t allowed anywhere on the school’s premises. Students caught with the contraband will be sternly punished. Many of these stories have changed Clara’s life, so she’s not going to sit back and watch while her draconian principal abuses his power. She’s going to strike back.


The Bellwoods Game by Celia Krampien

The Bellwoods Game is a fun spooky read for middle grade. Fans of Small Spaces will love this adventurous story with great characters set  in a small town with a haunted past. 


Lore Olympus by Emily Smythe

The Lore Olympus graphic novel series is an excellent series, with beautiful artwork! Plus it’s fun for the grown up Percy Jackson kids!