September Staff Picks

Sep 21, 2020 | Staff Picks

Fall into some great books! Here are our staff picks for the month of September. You can request these books online with your library card by clicking on the title or image. Do you need more ideas for what to read next? Use our Custom Book Pick Form and a librarian will select books for you based on the information you provide!


Conjure Women by Afia Atakora
Set prior to – and following – the Civil War, this gorgeously written first novel details the story of three women – two black, one white – all inextricably tied to one another. Mark my words: this won’t be the last time you hear this author’s name.  Afia Atakora is Going Places.



How to be Antiracist by Ibram S. Kendi

I found this to be a very eye-opening book.  I was shocked to learn just how unaware I was of the insidious, systemic nature of racism in America. We all need to make the effort to educate ourselves and then to work toward the necessary changes – both to ourselves and our society. Although the message is uncomfortable and sometimes discouraging, I highly recommend this book.


The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

It’s based on a true story, and in spite of the painful subject, was definitely a worthwhile read.



Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris


On the Horizion by Lois Lowry

AMAZING! Lowry knows how to write on tough historical subjects. Beautiful memorialization and reflections about WWII Arizona ship and the ill fate of the 1200 men it carried.



Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore 

This is also available on audiobook and is a fun time-travel read.  Life is messy even if you have future knowledge.