Volunteer Opportunities for Grades 5-12

 Our Library is supported daily by many amazing volunteers. 


Young Adult Volunteers

Do you love the library? We are always looking for great young adult (5th – 12th grade) volunteers to join our team. There are lots of fun ways to earn volunteer hours and give back to the community at York Public Library.

Due to the current nature of the Coronavirus pandemic the library has modified the YA volunteer program to keep our community and staff safe. We need YA Virtual Volunteers!

*Please note that if your video or picture shows your face we MUST have a signed release from a legal guardian. Videos and pictures that DO NOT show your face don’t require a signed release. When in doubt, leave it out.

**By submitting your work you give us permission to post your pictures and videos on the York Public Library website, print publications and social media accounts.

Ready to volunteer? Please fill out a volunteer interest form by clicking the button below, and someone from the library will contact you about our volunteer program.

Current Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Book Reviewers – Help people hear about books you like or review a book we pick for you! (5th - 12th grade)

Pick one activity from this list. You may do more if you wish.

  • After reading a recent book of your choice, write a book review with our Book Review Form. (Don’t count your reading time).
  • This option allows you to count the time it takes you to read the book: read a book we choose for you and write a review. Email us and we will send you a book to read and you can write a review using the Book Review Form
  • Create a book review Instagram post.
  • Make a 30 sec. – 2 min. book review video

Fill out a book review using our online form. 


Create Social Media Bites – Connect us with the community! (5th - 12th grade)

Pick one activity from this list. You may do more if you wish.

  • Create a meme about the York Public Library, libraries in general, books, reading, the library summer challenge, you get the idea. Send us your creation!
  • Create a “bookface” image for the library’s YA Instagram feed. “Bookface involves strategically lining up your face or another body part alongside a book cover that features a matching body part so that there appears a melding of life and art.”
  • Send us a sample of your poetry or artwork. By sending us your work you give us permission to share your work on the Library website and social media accounts. Please note only first names will be published.
Library Agents – Spread the word about our incredible community library! (5th - 12th grade)

Become a library agent and help promote our programs and resources to your friends, family and community! Pick one activity from this list. You may do more if you wish.

  •  Make and send us a themed booklist
  • Create a Hoopla playlist
  • Refer friends to the library to get a library card, volunteer, sign up for summer challenge, etc.
Tutorials – Showcase your talents! (5th - 12th grade)

Do you have a hobby or skill you can share? Create a 4 minute or less “how to” or “tips and tricks” tutorial video. Here are some possible ideas to get you started:

  • Help us help others navigate a library online resource like the summer challenge Beanstack App – (remember to hide your name and account number in your video) – Privacy is important!
  • Show people how to place a hold on a book (remember to hide your name and account number in your video) – Privacy is important!
  • Make a painting “Bob Ross style”.
  • Teach someone how to draw an anime face.
  • Demonstrate the steps to make an origami crane.
  • Show us what you can do!
Program Prep Assistants– Make craft kits for kids! (5th - 12th grade)
  • Get a bucket with instructions to bring home and bring back to us finished. Examples: assemble activity bags, check for dried up markers, sort foam stickers into categories like sea creatures, etc. Call the library: 207-363-2818 or email us at info@yorkpubliclibrary.org to see what buckets are needed.
  • Make a short “How To” video of you making the craft to show kids how to put it together! The video will get posted on our social media accounts. Remember you need a release signed by a guardian to show your face.

* Additional volunteer opportunities when the library is open again (post-Covid)

Clean-up Crew – come fight chaos (5th – 12th grade)

 Neatening book shelves, picking up toys, wiping down craft tables, dusting,
organizing materials, etc. Come fight chaos!

Youth Advisory Board (YAB) – libraries are for everyone; you belong (5th – 12th grade)

 Libraries are for everyone – help us make the library a place where you belong. Contribute your ideas, help choose books for the collection, plan programs, and decorate. Snacks always served.

Summer Reading Helpers – why yes, I love reading (6th – 12th grade)

Show the world how much you love reading by volunteering: register summer readers in the children’s room, hand out weekly prizes, record reading minutes, help children with weekly games and activities, etc.

Face Painters – all artists start somewhere (6th – 12th grade)

All artists start somewhere- paint faces or apply temporary tattoos at special events.

Lead a program after school. Is there something you’d like to offer? (10th – 12th grade)

Lead one of our programs, or come up with your own! Is there something you wish we’d do at the library- propose a program and we’ll help you run it. Examples: host a cartooning workshop, facilitate chess club, run an art program, etc.

Homework Mentors – boost young brains (10th-12th grade)

Help elementary kids with homework if you remember those days. wink

Shelf Guardians – the library can look like your neglected bedroom! (10th – 12th grade)

Sadly, the library can look like your neglected bedroom- give it some TLC: shelve returned books, neaten & clean shelves, shelf read (books in proper place of an area).

Teen Tech Squad – coach our tech challenged patrons (10th – 12th grade)

Help with drop-in device questions from our library’s tech-challenged patrons. Examples: kindle operations, how to use your email, setting up social media, etc.

For more information, please contact info@yorkpubliclibrary.org or call 207-363-2818. Looking for adult volunteer opportunities? Click here.